3 Hidden Money Challenges for Solopreneurs 💸


What's more important to you, earning an income or living your purpose?

I know - it's a loaded question. When we talk about what we do or what we're passionate about, we can go on and on about what we love.

Bring up the subject of money and interesting beliefs, limitations, judgments, and all of that fun stuff that may stop you from not only earning an income you can live on but an income you can thrive on.

There are three money challenges that you may not really think about until you're in the midst of running your business.

  1. Balancing your time between serving your clients, marketing, and selling.
  2. Maintaining positive cash flow and having an emergency fund.
  3. Pricing that honors your value and remains accessible to your ideal clients.

I'm talking about money and business for the next few weeks.

I'm curious -- which money challenge would you like me to focus on first? Reply back and let me know. I appreciate your input!

To your success,


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